What is this company’s background?

For 37 years we have been creating custom private label retail products for Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks, Lord and Taylor and other high end stores. Along the line we learned that those products needed to fit into “mass marketing” parameters that an appreciable cross section of the public would purchase. Many products were too expensive, or narrow in marketing prospects that we only made them for friends and family. The internet now allows us to show these to the 10% of the public that understands quality, originality and wants something REALLY special.

How long does it take for an order?

Everything is made to order but usually less than a week. If it is an ‘emergency’ give us a call and we will try to satisfy your needs

Can I have it sent directly to the person I want to show appreciation to?

Certainly we can send it anywhere, although many of our customers feel handing the gift to the person that went above and beyond shows even more how much they are appreciated. Simply fill out the option at checkout to send to an alternative address.

What is the shelf life of the chocolate items?

This rich chocolate imported from Belgium and blended in our factory will last a year. Don’t refrigerate it because when it is removed from refrigeration moisture is attracted to the cold chocolate and moisture is an enemy of chocolate. Store the finished chocolate below 72 degrees. If you are comfortable the chocolate is comfortable.

How are the images placed on the chocolate?

The process is similar to putting images on birthday cakes but there are significant differences as explained in our US patent #6,376,000 which uses sugar and an edible starch coating on the chocolate and printed with USDA food colors in very high 300 DPI resolution.

How much chocolate can a person eat?

As much as you want of course. Now that we know that chocolate doesn’t cause cavities, pimples, and actually has anti-oxidants that are good for you, the sky is the limit. The average American eats upwards of 27 pounds of chocolate a year. Our employees are allowed to eat as much as they want. What a crime it would be to work in a chocolate factory and not be allowed to eat what you make. (I’ll bet Hershey’s doesn’t allow workers to snag kisses off the line.)

Where did our company learn about chocolate?

From a delightful 85 year old gentleman by the name of Herb Knechtal, from Chicago, who took us under his wing and taught us the subtleties of chocolate… He was a consultant to Mars, Mona Loa and many others. Some of you might know one of his creations… Marshal Fields Frango Mints, a branded product famous for the last 80 years. We have been using what he taught us for the last 37 years.

Who made chocolate so popular?

The Maya and Aztec people, who drank it from pure gold cups, knew about it before1500 BC as Theobroma (Food of the Gods), but Columbus brought it back to Europe as a bitter drink which caught on. It took Europeans 250 years to create the first chocolate bar. The giant leap for the masses came in the 1800’s when Henri Nestle found a way of adding milk and sugar to the mix. . Eureka… I think he got it.