Real Life Examples of Showing Appreciation

Real Life Examples of Showing Appreciation

One Friday morning my rear wisdom tooth cracked in half. I called my dentist and a new woman dentist was on that day. They squeezed me in, looked at it and suggested pulling it. I said no and she told me it was almost impossible to fix. Three hours in the chair, with my mouth open it was repaired. I wanted to show my appreciation and stopped by a florist and FINALLY found some non-romantic flowers that I had delivered to show how much going that extra mile meant to me.

We had an issue with the insurance company regarding a claim which they denied. My agent went to bat for me and finally got them to reverse their decision. I sent him real size ‘chocolate million dollar bills’ for him and his whole staff.

When one of my neighbors made a larger than usual donation to one my favorite causes – at my request, I had special chocolates with the children’s images on them made for the family in appreciation for their good deed.

When I was in the hospital for five days one nurse really paid extra attention to my needs. In conversation with her I found she was getting married soon and offered to donate the wedding favors to show my great appreciation for care.

When in the Emergency Care Facility a young PA treated me for a sinus infection and instead of rushing on to the next patient listened to my history decided to, in abundance of caution add an antibiotic injection to be sure the reason for my previous hospital visit would not reoccur. I sent that special person chocolates with edible photos of herself on them.

One of the twin granddaughters, age three, left her “binky” which is a doggie looking blanket at a store they visited. The store owner went out of her way to get the blanket back to the twin even though it was miles away. In appreciation we sent special high end chocolates to that person.

And finally, one of my friend’s customers sent this instant message after her mother died a day ago:

Showing Appreciation

It seems any people want to be able to be SHOWING APPRECIATION

Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.” – Jacques Maritain